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Ningbo Haobo Group Co., Ltd.

Founded in June 2010, the registered capital of ¥50 million, the legal representative:Hao \'er Sun


Business scope: industrial investment; fasteners, machinery parts, electrical accessories, handicrafts, plastic products, metal parts manufacturing, processing; landscaping; a class of medical equipment wholesale, retail; real estate development; proprietary or agency goods and technologies into exported.


> TEL:+86-574-88068003 / 88068004

> FAX:+86-574-88068019

Ningbo Nanluo Jiantong Fastener Co.,Ltd.

Founded in December 1987, (a joint venture with Shanghai Nanshi screws Ltd.) Registered Capital: ¥1.53 million, the main products for all types of special fasteners, machinery parts production and processing.

> TEL:+86-574-88068017

> FAX:+86-574-88068011

Ningbo Haobo Commerce Co.,Ltd.

Founded in April 2002, the registered capital: ¥23.5 million, the main production and management products for the communications base stations foundation bolts and high-strength bolts, shipbuilding industry, subway tunnels, port machinery and other fields of fastener products.

> TEL:+86-574-88068006 / 88068007

> FAX:+86-574-88068028

Ningbo Haotai Fastener Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Founded in June 2005, the registered capital: $ 4.602 million mainly the production of wind power generation and petrochemical industry fastener products.

>TEL:+86-574-88068006 / 88068007

> FAX:+86-574-88068028

Ningbo Haotai Electric Engineering Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Founded in July 2009, the registered capital:¥4.5 million, the main products are: new energy power engineering equipment, power transmission company National Grid and the various types of fasteners required products. Such as the National Network Anhui Power Transmission 1000KV UHV, 500KV Xiluodu left and right banks, 500KV Taishan Nuclear Power big leap, Zhejiang Fu line and other projects with 8.8 high-strength bolts.



Ningbo Beck Haobo Special Fasteners Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.

Founded in August 2011, the registered capital: $ One million, owned by Beck Industries Group, Ningbo Haobo Group two joint ventures. Main products consistent with the European market for wind power generation, petrochemical field of special fasteners, self-and agent import and export business.

> TEL:+86-574-88068022 / 88068000

> FAX:+86-574-88068002